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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hello June

June is here already and this month I am taking part in a giveaway for "Love your Body" month via Let it Unravel.  Up for grabs is one of my Organic lavender bars of soap from my new luxury line!  Pop on over to see Stacy on her Let it Unravel blog to find instructions on how to enter!

As mentioned before my new line is now underway and arriving online, favourite sellers like my Lavender shampoo and conditioner are now in, there is more to come keep posted!

Life in general is busy here, we had my mom come and stay with us for five weeks, she arrived back in the UK this morning!  We have been trying to get going on the gardens but it has been way too wet, I think I may get to till the veggie patch this morning.  I potted up new herbs as I couldn't get them in the ground.  I really feel like I am behind!

The Driving Range will be opening we are delayed due to weather and a tree permit, so it will be later this month.  We are so excited and nervous at the same time!  Everything is ready we just need the lane way putting through!  Yesterday afternoon I took my first walk on the Driving range grass~happy days!  I would of done a grass angel but my four wet dogs would of ended up diving on me!   I also took my first drive of the golf cart, should of added warning plates!

Our future is really changing, fingers crossed for the better.

This afternoon my eldest daughter and I go back horse riding we haven't been since last October, a hobby that my daughter just loves.  However, I think she will need a bigger pony as she has been growing like a weed!

My youngest is running everywhere at just 16 months she is very advanced, we have just started her in day care one day a week.  This means I will have a day to get everything done including all my online selling world!

That's all for now, thanks for stopping on by and thank you to those who have just joined my blog as part of the giveaway!  I shall try to update more often.

I am off on a date with the garden so take care all, Helen <3


  1. Hey there, Just found you throught Zibbet. How on earth do you find the time to make such yummy looking soap when you have so much going on? Please tell me your secret ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping on by and the comment Debbie! I guess my secret is my supportive family, they give me the time to do it. Plus it keeps me happy as I enjoy it so much ~ I'm guessing a happy mommy makes a happy home! ;)

  3. Hi Helen! I'm a friend of Stacy's, I have signed up for the 'Love your Body' giveaway. Cute little blog you have got here! I took a glance at your etsy shop, if I don't win the giveaway I am going to have to order something! I am interested in felting soap, to make a natural loofa. Do you think your soaps would work well for that? You can follow my profile to my blog, or e-mail me at: nfldratheart[at]gmail[dot]com :)

  4. Thanks Margot for joining and leaving a kind comment! Personally think my soaps would be great for felting, something I am yet to try, I have also started looking in to loofah soap making! All my soaps are made with melt & pour soap base so it would be really easy to reform them.
    I am going to swing on over to your blog page. Thanks again for stopping in and have yourself a super day!