Here you will learn more about my Handmade online businesses specialising in Bath & Body and Jewellery.

You will also hear a little about Hancox Homestead our family business and our adventures of living on a hobby farm and setting up a Golf Driving Range.

Thanks for taking the time to sit, read and share with me and my family.

Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hancox Homestead Driving Range update

Hello there dear friends, fans and followers,

As most of you are aware my family has been working on a new project, one slightly different from crafting.  It's a crafting of sort!  I am proud today to share with you an update on our Driving Range that is due to open next Season. 

With the help of some great people/companies we got the grass seed down!  The weather here in Iona Station, Ontario has started to turn cold and time was limited. 

Our first shout out is to Fleetwood Farms, who not only allowed the seeder access to our land (we are busy working on the road through but there is trees to be moved and the ground has to be dug) they also did some sub contracting for us and made sure the ground was cultivated and in tip top condition before the seed arrived.  This is a family operated farm located near to us and if your require any further details for them please contact me!

Next up is Mr Dan Denniss and his colleagues at Fingal Farm Supply.  Dan is a very knowledgeable, helpful gentleman who took care of all our seeding needs.  This great company has been tending to Farmers/Land owners needs for over 40 years!  Be sure to check out the website below and if you chose to contact them, tell them Hancox Homestead sent you! 


Now to the fun part, the pictures of the amazing seeder in action;

Sadly I didn't get to have a go, but I have added one to my Christmas list!  
I hope you enjoyed this update and there will be many more to come, featuring more big machines!

Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first online Birthday is coming up

I can't believe where the time has gone, we are into November already and the end of this month sees my first online Birthday!  When I first started out with online selling, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, and having high hormones as I was heavily pregnant didn't help.  I am happy to say that both my babies are growing into complete darlings!

It's hard not to get demotivated and feel rather lack luster about online selling.  If I had known then what I know now springs to mind alot and I really wish I had of had friends that were doing similar ventures so that I could of emailed or rang them for help, instead of sitting shouting at the PC and tearing my hair out!

Happily I have met so many kind, talented artists and realised at one time or another we all want and feel the same.  Whilst there are many that spring to mind; I would like to name a few that I class as friends who always have a cheery word and pom poms at the ready when I need a little cheering on;

Heather at The Pine Cone Tea Cup, who has made my family shed tears with her custom designed quilt!


Elfie at Painting from the Heart, always with words of encouragement and virtual hugs!


Eileen at Painting by Eileen who always has a positive outlook and shares her awesome wildlife pics!

Donna at Threads of Magique who I enjoy having little chats with, a very interesting lady who recently started a new venture herself.

Melinda at Just Scraps and Things has done me some wonderful custom cards and bag toppers and is just a lovely person; 

And last but not least is Amber aka Mommy the Marketer and also Tate Skye Designs who's blogs, advice  have just been a super help to me to make things alot clearer!


Also in a year I am happy to say I have improved my photography and kissed goodbye to my homespun beloved checked background.
Run, run as fast as you can......

It took me days to set up this blog page and in minutes I type this, but I am disappointed that my blog gets left out~alot!  Facebook you can catch me on daily, it is all about priority and balance; something I have not yet perfected although it has come along way in a year!

I am busy gearing up for Christmas adding listings to My two Etsy shops, Zibbet and Artfire studios and still working on setting up our Driving Range which we plan to open to the public the end of next May.  I should really blog more often to keep connected to you all and whilst I may not send a like or a note on a daily basis, you are all appreciated and got me to my First online Birthday~Thank you one and all!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two blog awards!

I just received this great award twice for my blog from Mommy's Dream and The Pinecone Teacup! Which was a great surprise, both these lovely ladies come across as having such warm personalities and they create amazing crafts. I am honoured to have them feature me!  Here are their blogs, be sure to check them out; The Pinecone Teacup, Mommy's Dream
I am not sure if I should answer fourteen questions as nominated twice!! 

So, the rules of this award are that I have to share seven things you might not know about me and then pass it on to seven other bloggers that have blogs worthy of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Here goes...

1.  Ten years ago we visited Canada for one week and decided to take a gamble on life and brought our house, not knowing anyone or anything!  Thankfully it has turned out super for us!  We went back to England and announced our plans to family which came as a bombshell! 

2. I still have a strong English accent (which I don't think I'll lose!) and have trouble ordering Tim Horton's I asked for Cafe Mocha and an assortment of ten Timbits and got a chocolate milk and one plain Timbit!  It happens alot!! :D

3. I have a BTEC in Travel & Tourism and a Masters in Microsoft and I used to work as a PA and did company training before giving up work to move to Canada.

3. I love cooking and drinking tea!  My husband spoiled me with an AGA a few years ago as it was the oven I had always wanted and we had been using the one the previous owners left!  Roast dinners are my fave I guess I am still a typical Brit! :)

4. I started crafting more during my pregnancy last year as I was on or in bed the majority of it!  My husband became the domestic man of my dreams and I fell in love with him in all over again, he cooked my fave roast dinners, cleaned, took care of me and our eldest daughter and even planted up my veggie patch whilst working full time! Bless! <3

5. Gardening is my other passion, our hobby farm is fifty acres and I re-landscaped four of it into flower gardens.  I have a Helie House out back nestled in the woods where I like to go and have me time.  We have candlelight suppers in there in the good weather and enjoying roasting chestnuts on the fire in there in the winter months.

6. I love animals!  We have three Border Collies two of which flew over from England with us and who like to round up the chickens!, two cats, two rabbits, two Guinea pigs, two aquariums a koi  pond and eleven hens!  My first six hens I had eight years ago became my pets and all had names!  I once got so excited at finding my first garter snake in the garden I picked it up and carried it into the house to show hubby, it managed to slip out of my hands and head along the hallway!  Hubby is not overly keen on snakes!!  Snakey was soon re-caught and released back into the garden, I now call hubby over when I find some new and exciting wildlife!

7.  I am into Woodlot management having 35+ acres of it, we do our best to preserve and nurture it.  I love nothing more than seeing a carpet of pink and purple wild geraniums in the Spring.

Now for the seven blogs to receive this award (it was hard to pick just seven!)...please be sure to visit these blogs and get to know these amazing people on a different level than just from their shops! I have had the privilege of getting to know each of these amazing women a little bit and I think you'll like them as much as I do!
Threads of Magique
Aspen healing art
Gia Bowtique
Artistic glass decor and more
Sew Brookie Designs
Mommy the Marketer
Edith & Elizabeth

Warmest wishes to all, Helen

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hancox Homestead update

I decided to take to my blog today to share with you the latest goings on of Hancox Homestead and life in general. 

Lets start with life; the majority of my time is spent with my two beautiful girls and I am adjusting to having my second who has just gone 14 weeks.  I am so blessed to have them and they are really good girls.  I was always told "your only playing at it with one!"  I agree, having two is hard work.  My youngest (14weeks) is 2ft tall and over 15lbs in weight, she started her first foods early (2 weeks ago) and is enjoying and savouring every mouthful!  My eldest who is 4 1/2 is starting soccer in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to being a 'soccer mom' sitting on the benches cheering her on.

What most of you don't know is that we don't have the benefits of having family around the corner to help us out, they are all back in the UK. We decided to take a chance on life and move to Canada nine years ago with my husbands job, the plant was brand new and my husband got to help build it up from the ground and eventually he was to become plant manager a dream for us. Sadly we have found out that the plant is closing next year and that dream will not be reached. We refuse to move again as we totally lucked out with our home and adopted family as I lovingly like to refer to my wonderful neighbours and friends!

Faced with the uncertainty of the future we decided to take Hancox Homestead further, we have taken our selling of Golf course and driving range equipment to another level and my husband is now the sole distributor for Michigan and Ontario.  We have been very busy doing this as when the plant finally closes we want to have our business so successful that my husband won't have to look for further employment.

We are still selling firewood, we lovingly maintain our land and with 35+ acres of woodlot it is a great way to make money from moving overpowering and uprooting trees.  This is a very labour intensive job and my wonderful husband does most of it, the chainsaw and I are not friends and I can't see us ever been!  But, the log splitter and I get along great so that's where I help!

We sell the free range eggs our delightful feathered friends bestow upon us at $2.00 a dozen and  as you know I am selling my crafts.  I don't seem to be selling as much as I had first hoped through Etsy, so I am also looking at outlets.  I have just made batches of lemon and lavender soaps and have a large collection of jewellery I must add!

This time of year is particularly busy with my vegetable patch starting and my gardens to dig etc...   As mentioned before one day I would love to be totally self sufficient.  I am also interested in hydroponics but that is on hold for a short while.

With two young children, three dogs, two cats, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, two aquariums a koi pond, eleven hens and a husband! life never stops still and I wanted to share with you.

Some other great news; my mom who has battled cancer for the last five years has just been given the all clear so something to celebrate! :)

So now you know where my time has shifted too, but I want all my fabulous friends and fans to know that whilst I am not around as much it doesn't mean I don't like you any less and you are all appreciated! <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Variety is my spice of life!

My husband asked me "what is your general product in your shops?" My reply was "I don't have a general product!"

At this moment in time you will see jewellery and bath & beauty in my shops and whilst I am working to improve the existing products and my photography, I am already thinking about other product categories to list.

I also told him "that's why it is called Hancox Homestead not Hancox jewellery etc..!"

For those of you who know me you will know my crafting history, for those of you who don't you are about to find out!

I should start and tell you why its called Hancox Homestead, well as you know my surname is Hancox and Homestead came from the hobby farm we live on, Hancox hobby farm didn't have the same ring!

Hancox Homestead isn't just about me, it is a family company my husband sells firewood (and is also a talent woodworker) and we sell the freerange eggs our happy chickens lay - for now!  I am researching dairy goats in hopes to have them this Spring as I would love to use it for my soaps, plus I love animals!

My crafting started twelve years ago, I started with flower arranging, dry & real and then I expanded on to making greeting cards with my mom. It was short lived though as my mom was diagnosed with cancer and the distance of working together was too much. Mom is in the UK I am in Canada. My mom has recovered (infact next month see's her treatment finished!) We sold all our stock and raised 600GBP which we gave to the hospital that has looked after my mom so well. I still like to make cards and you will see some on my store.

Always one to be getting crafty I started making crafts for my home, twig and berry wreaths for my walls, wreaths for Christmas, Halloween etc., mason jar lamps, twig tree decorations & flower arrangements, toy & storage bags the list goes on. It also flows out in to our gardens with the bird houses I have made with my eldest daughter who is four.

My family and friends are my guinnea pigs!, they have been receiving my products for years. It was with their encouragement that I decided to set up and sell in November 09'.

I have lip balms, candles, cross stitch, sewing projects and I am working on wool pets as well as my soaps and jewellery. So for me variety really is my spice of life and whilst you may not get to see all I do as I tend to add items that will ship at least now you have more of an insight in to Hancox Homestead.

Our latest bird house with Scamper cat who was feeling photogenic!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring clean = free shipping!

I am Spring cleaning my shop so to speak as of today 7th March 2010! As I have lots of new designs/items I want to add I would love to see some of my existing stock sold so I have decided to pay the shipping on existing items in my store. Any purchase made on existing stock I will refund you the shipping this is a limited time offer until 14th March 2010!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Just in time for Spring

With the long winter hopefully drawing to a close and the sun shining brightly in the blue sky it is that time of year when our thoughts turn to Spring.  We look forward to the singing of the birds and the Spring bulbs starting to poke their little heads up out of the soil.  If you are like me you are probably looking at what seeds you are going to start indoors to plant out when Jack Frost has gone.  Spring brings beautiful splashes of colour that brighten up our lives and sweet little lambs hopping over the pasture we could watch for hours.  With Spring in mind I have made these items:

Pink Flutterby necklace

Bunny soap

Daisy chain necklace