Here you will learn more about my Handmade online businesses specialising in Bath & Body and Jewellery.

You will also hear a little about Hancox Homestead our family business and our adventures of living on a hobby farm and setting up a Golf Driving Range.

Thanks for taking the time to sit, read and share with me and my family.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Variety is my spice of life!

My husband asked me "what is your general product in your shops?" My reply was "I don't have a general product!"

At this moment in time you will see jewellery and bath & beauty in my shops and whilst I am working to improve the existing products and my photography, I am already thinking about other product categories to list.

I also told him "that's why it is called Hancox Homestead not Hancox jewellery etc..!"

For those of you who know me you will know my crafting history, for those of you who don't you are about to find out!

I should start and tell you why its called Hancox Homestead, well as you know my surname is Hancox and Homestead came from the hobby farm we live on, Hancox hobby farm didn't have the same ring!

Hancox Homestead isn't just about me, it is a family company my husband sells firewood (and is also a talent woodworker) and we sell the freerange eggs our happy chickens lay - for now!  I am researching dairy goats in hopes to have them this Spring as I would love to use it for my soaps, plus I love animals!

My crafting started twelve years ago, I started with flower arranging, dry & real and then I expanded on to making greeting cards with my mom. It was short lived though as my mom was diagnosed with cancer and the distance of working together was too much. Mom is in the UK I am in Canada. My mom has recovered (infact next month see's her treatment finished!) We sold all our stock and raised 600GBP which we gave to the hospital that has looked after my mom so well. I still like to make cards and you will see some on my store.

Always one to be getting crafty I started making crafts for my home, twig and berry wreaths for my walls, wreaths for Christmas, Halloween etc., mason jar lamps, twig tree decorations & flower arrangements, toy & storage bags the list goes on. It also flows out in to our gardens with the bird houses I have made with my eldest daughter who is four.

My family and friends are my guinnea pigs!, they have been receiving my products for years. It was with their encouragement that I decided to set up and sell in November 09'.

I have lip balms, candles, cross stitch, sewing projects and I am working on wool pets as well as my soaps and jewellery. So for me variety really is my spice of life and whilst you may not get to see all I do as I tend to add items that will ship at least now you have more of an insight in to Hancox Homestead.

Our latest bird house with Scamper cat who was feeling photogenic!


  1. Love the new blog Helen and I see Scamper has an eye for a bargin and is hoping you supply the Easter Chick! I think you should also be marketing your special window cleaner which is the cutest in town. I am just off to have a bath with my goat's milk & lavender soap.

  2. So nice to hear your background. I may need to do that because it's fun to see where people came from!