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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hancox Homestead update

I decided to take to my blog today to share with you the latest goings on of Hancox Homestead and life in general. 

Lets start with life; the majority of my time is spent with my two beautiful girls and I am adjusting to having my second who has just gone 14 weeks.  I am so blessed to have them and they are really good girls.  I was always told "your only playing at it with one!"  I agree, having two is hard work.  My youngest (14weeks) is 2ft tall and over 15lbs in weight, she started her first foods early (2 weeks ago) and is enjoying and savouring every mouthful!  My eldest who is 4 1/2 is starting soccer in a few weeks and I am really looking forward to being a 'soccer mom' sitting on the benches cheering her on.

What most of you don't know is that we don't have the benefits of having family around the corner to help us out, they are all back in the UK. We decided to take a chance on life and move to Canada nine years ago with my husbands job, the plant was brand new and my husband got to help build it up from the ground and eventually he was to become plant manager a dream for us. Sadly we have found out that the plant is closing next year and that dream will not be reached. We refuse to move again as we totally lucked out with our home and adopted family as I lovingly like to refer to my wonderful neighbours and friends!

Faced with the uncertainty of the future we decided to take Hancox Homestead further, we have taken our selling of Golf course and driving range equipment to another level and my husband is now the sole distributor for Michigan and Ontario.  We have been very busy doing this as when the plant finally closes we want to have our business so successful that my husband won't have to look for further employment.

We are still selling firewood, we lovingly maintain our land and with 35+ acres of woodlot it is a great way to make money from moving overpowering and uprooting trees.  This is a very labour intensive job and my wonderful husband does most of it, the chainsaw and I are not friends and I can't see us ever been!  But, the log splitter and I get along great so that's where I help!

We sell the free range eggs our delightful feathered friends bestow upon us at $2.00 a dozen and  as you know I am selling my crafts.  I don't seem to be selling as much as I had first hoped through Etsy, so I am also looking at outlets.  I have just made batches of lemon and lavender soaps and have a large collection of jewellery I must add!

This time of year is particularly busy with my vegetable patch starting and my gardens to dig etc...   As mentioned before one day I would love to be totally self sufficient.  I am also interested in hydroponics but that is on hold for a short while.

With two young children, three dogs, two cats, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, two aquariums a koi pond, eleven hens and a husband! life never stops still and I wanted to share with you.

Some other great news; my mom who has battled cancer for the last five years has just been given the all clear so something to celebrate! :)

So now you know where my time has shifted too, but I want all my fabulous friends and fans to know that whilst I am not around as much it doesn't mean I don't like you any less and you are all appreciated! <3