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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring looks like it has sprung at Hancox Homestead

As I sit here and type a much overdue blog update the sun is beaming through the window warming my cheek and shoulder.  I have just watered our seedlings who are turned and stretching towards that sun and as I look out the window our seven happy hens are free ranging.

We have been busy at Hancox Homestead, with last year seeing me on bed rest for most of the Season until the safe arrival of our third daughter Emmie.  We are totally grateful for a mild Winter and an earlier Spring.

 Having planted nearly 3000 seeds of all varieties we are enjoying watching them sprout and have already re-potted.  Time to plant more.  My hubby was busy and made some extra large potting tables knowing that I would be going all out this year having not got in the garden much last year.  They are not just for the four acres I garden here but for the Golf Driving Range too,  I managed to sneak a pot or two over there for my enjoyment and in my World no place is complete without pretty coloured dancing flowers!

We are super excited to get our Barn quilt up at the Driving Range, having designed it in July last year it seems like forever.  Our website needs to be worked on and flyer's need to be made and sent out.  Let's not forget the other important aspects of the Driving Range,  the grass needs to be fed, re-seeded in parts and I have many a tree limb to remove.  In the time I was on bed rest everything seems to have grown double.  We hope to be open by the end of April, so pop on out and see what we have been up to and don't forget your clubs!

With all that is going on and family as always remains the most important thing it is with heavy heart I have decided not to continue to sell online this Season!  I will be selling in our shop on site and continuing with my wholesale clients.  At this time in my/our life I needed to make a decision as to what was important and what was taking up my time and not getting the return it should.  On the upside I want to see my Bath & Body shop listings sold so I am having a Spring sale with 40% off, use coupon code take40 at checkout.  (This code is not for use in my Helsia Jewellery shop.)

This is not a final goodbye this is me taking the time out to catch up on life and I am sure that as the end of the Season nears this year I will be back.  As always my loyal repeat customers who can not get to my shop are welcome to send me an email and I will happily keep you in stock of your fave products!

 With Spring on our doorstep we always get some new chicks to add to the flock, we had toyed with the idea of hatching eggs this year but upon research turning the eggs every four hours seems like a lot more time we are short of.  So we will be getting some more Heritage breed chicks to add to the flock.  Our two oldest hens are five now and their laying production is low, however they have many a dirt bath left in them!  We are super excited to also add four little ducks to our property, we will see how that goes and I think that in itself is going to make for a blog update.

Well as the saying goes I must make hay whilst the sun shines, or in my case get more seeds planted.  We get one step closer to self sufficiency each year.

I wish you all a day filled with sunshine and your own little piece of happiness!

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