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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is coming......

One of last years Spring arrivals

Spring is coming...So I hope!  
Wow my last blog was titled 'where has January gone' and now I am wondering the same about February!  I guess life has got really busy here! 

I saw another Birthday come and go this month, I wish they would slow down!  We have been busy training our puppy Amber who was my Birthday pressie from my hubby and girls.   Although my eldest daughter refuses to admit that she is mine and claims her as her own!  Amber is doing so well and between you and I,  I love the 7am walks outside it is a great way to wake up, especially those mornings when I am in my dressing gown and snow boots with the cold snow whipping at my legs!  Buster our eldest dog is still with us and happily I can say the impact of having the new puppy has made him rather youthful again, he is fourteen and almost blind!

Our old guy!

Sadly we had to say "goodbye" to Winnie the guinea who passed away this weekend, it had to be on the day we were taking our girls for their portrait updates didn't it?!  They were all smiles and it wasn't until a day later when we went out to feed the others that my eldest daughter realised he had gone and there were tears however, nothing a MacDonald's happy meal couldn't cure!

My husband had another hospital appointment this week and the cyst he had removed from his gum/jaw is nothing more than a cyst~thankfully!  The only downside, he is back on pureed foods again!  This will be his fourth week now, he had just started on solids for a few days!  He is looking a slim Jim and certainly needs a smaller size~way to get a new wardrobe!

That's a little news of our home life now onto the Driving Range which we are planning on opening in three months!

We have a website we are currently working on, it is live now but we are in the process of updating it;

Well we had a mass thaw last week and when we went back to see if there was any sign of grass seed appearing there was not.  We are sure it will come when the time is right!  Hubby did find a huge buck antler so he came back with my new ornament!  We are fencing the area as soon as we can but we have always encouraged wildlife on to our property so hopefully they won't get too upset when things are up and running as it is still going to leave them 30 acres of woods to play in!

The lane way and parking area have been mapped out and we are ready to go when the weather allows us.  Could all my friends join me in the 'sunshine dance' PLEASE!   Our equipment from Green Joy who we distribute for is getting processed and we finally decided on a design for the office/building for the Driving Range.  It has a screened in porch so our customers can sit and take in the scenery after they have swung away!

My most exciting part of all this was picking out a golf cart, as it will be my new mode of transport from May till September!

Other news;
My online shops are still going and as most of you will know I have been adding new items, some OOAK (one of a kind) jewellery has been listed and Easter soaps, gift packs are starting to come. 

Organic Easter egg soaps

I try and get involved with what my fellow friends and  talented artists are doing and will be donating again to Heather at The Pine Cone Tea Cup who does the Cancer 'Relay for Life' and Anna at Artibility who does the 'Toys for Tots'. 

If you have your own handmade craft shop/items and wish to donate to these to great causes please send a message to these lovely ladies;

I think that is all my news to date so I shall say bye for now and thanks for taking the time to sit and catch up with me,

Helen & family :)


  1. You are so FAB!!! Thank you for the mention - ((HUG)) BIG BIG hug to you

  2. I'm so jealous, I want to live closer so I can come sit on the screened porch and play with the pup! HHHMMMM, I'm thinking you need a bed and breakfast so I can just stay there and harass you...roflol!!

  3. Anytime Anna, anything I can do to help! I need to finalise details with you for sending mine. Big hugs back X

    Heather, we have considered a B&B! But when friends stay they get the more preferential treatment with entertainment package!! Would be fun to live closer for sure ;) Big hugs X