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Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hancox Homestead Driving Range update

Hello there dear friends, fans and followers,

As most of you are aware my family has been working on a new project, one slightly different from crafting.  It's a crafting of sort!  I am proud today to share with you an update on our Driving Range that is due to open next Season. 

With the help of some great people/companies we got the grass seed down!  The weather here in Iona Station, Ontario has started to turn cold and time was limited. 

Our first shout out is to Fleetwood Farms, who not only allowed the seeder access to our land (we are busy working on the road through but there is trees to be moved and the ground has to be dug) they also did some sub contracting for us and made sure the ground was cultivated and in tip top condition before the seed arrived.  This is a family operated farm located near to us and if your require any further details for them please contact me!

Next up is Mr Dan Denniss and his colleagues at Fingal Farm Supply.  Dan is a very knowledgeable, helpful gentleman who took care of all our seeding needs.  This great company has been tending to Farmers/Land owners needs for over 40 years!  Be sure to check out the website below and if you chose to contact them, tell them Hancox Homestead sent you! 


Now to the fun part, the pictures of the amazing seeder in action;

Sadly I didn't get to have a go, but I have added one to my Christmas list!  
I hope you enjoyed this update and there will be many more to come, featuring more big machines!

Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.


  1. You're too funny! I have a bulldozer on my list! lol!! I just wanna play with it!!

  2. Perfect Heather you can knock things down and I can seed over!! The only big machinery I am allowed to operate asides from the tractor is Tonker toys~LOL!

  3. Fabulous! I'm going to enjoy your updates. When you have the chance, drop by HERE Would love to hear from you!