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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two blog awards!

I just received this great award twice for my blog from Mommy's Dream and The Pinecone Teacup! Which was a great surprise, both these lovely ladies come across as having such warm personalities and they create amazing crafts. I am honoured to have them feature me!  Here are their blogs, be sure to check them out; The Pinecone Teacup, Mommy's Dream
I am not sure if I should answer fourteen questions as nominated twice!! 

So, the rules of this award are that I have to share seven things you might not know about me and then pass it on to seven other bloggers that have blogs worthy of the Kreativ Blogger Award. Here goes...

1.  Ten years ago we visited Canada for one week and decided to take a gamble on life and brought our house, not knowing anyone or anything!  Thankfully it has turned out super for us!  We went back to England and announced our plans to family which came as a bombshell! 

2. I still have a strong English accent (which I don't think I'll lose!) and have trouble ordering Tim Horton's I asked for Cafe Mocha and an assortment of ten Timbits and got a chocolate milk and one plain Timbit!  It happens alot!! :D

3. I have a BTEC in Travel & Tourism and a Masters in Microsoft and I used to work as a PA and did company training before giving up work to move to Canada.

3. I love cooking and drinking tea!  My husband spoiled me with an AGA a few years ago as it was the oven I had always wanted and we had been using the one the previous owners left!  Roast dinners are my fave I guess I am still a typical Brit! :)

4. I started crafting more during my pregnancy last year as I was on or in bed the majority of it!  My husband became the domestic man of my dreams and I fell in love with him in all over again, he cooked my fave roast dinners, cleaned, took care of me and our eldest daughter and even planted up my veggie patch whilst working full time! Bless! <3

5. Gardening is my other passion, our hobby farm is fifty acres and I re-landscaped four of it into flower gardens.  I have a Helie House out back nestled in the woods where I like to go and have me time.  We have candlelight suppers in there in the good weather and enjoying roasting chestnuts on the fire in there in the winter months.

6. I love animals!  We have three Border Collies two of which flew over from England with us and who like to round up the chickens!, two cats, two rabbits, two Guinea pigs, two aquariums a koi  pond and eleven hens!  My first six hens I had eight years ago became my pets and all had names!  I once got so excited at finding my first garter snake in the garden I picked it up and carried it into the house to show hubby, it managed to slip out of my hands and head along the hallway!  Hubby is not overly keen on snakes!!  Snakey was soon re-caught and released back into the garden, I now call hubby over when I find some new and exciting wildlife!

7.  I am into Woodlot management having 35+ acres of it, we do our best to preserve and nurture it.  I love nothing more than seeing a carpet of pink and purple wild geraniums in the Spring.

Now for the seven blogs to receive this award (it was hard to pick just seven!)...please be sure to visit these blogs and get to know these amazing people on a different level than just from their shops! I have had the privilege of getting to know each of these amazing women a little bit and I think you'll like them as much as I do!
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Warmest wishes to all, Helen


  1. Hi Helen & congratulations on the award, twice! So funny, the same thing just happened to me, but I have yet to come up w/ my 7 things. I really enjoyed reading yours & we do seem to have much in common! :) I took a gamble myself at 18 & went to college 3000 miles away, knowing no one! My dad's also from England & after 30+ years in the US, he still has people asking him to 'just say something' wherever we go! So you may never lose that accent, which I think is nice. Your property sounds incredible & that bat pic is beautiful! Love that you brought your Collies over w/ you - my dad brought his Old English Sheepdog too, Shaggy Shire Roderick III [Boots to us]! Sorry for the book, but I really enjoyed your post & I see you named the lovely Donna as well as a host of other wonderful bloggers as recipients, great choices! :) I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day!

  2. Your welcome Win! Kim, it was so nice to read your reply and know there are other people out there like me! You also make jewellery too! It does seem we have lots in common! Are you still in the US? I know what you mean when you say about your dad been asked to talk, I get really embarassed when someone asks me to keep talking I never know what to say! I am assuming you have an American accent? My eldest daughter has a Canadian one and our family really notices it, we giggled at parents evening as I guess she picks up typical English words from us!! I love old English sheepdogs, Dulux paint used one in an ad in the UK! Well I am writing lots too! I look forward in getting to know you better, Helen ;)

  3. Hi again! I am in the US, back in upstate NY where I grew up, after college & about 10 extra yrs. in California. I now live in the house I grew up, but next to my parents in the side they used to rent out. :D So funny when your family has mixed accents! My mom & I have American accents, but as her mom was English & my dad is, we both use a lot of Brit words & sayings. My dad has actually gotten a couple of speaking parts in locally produced videos because he can do several English accents pretty well, not that anyone around here would know the difference anyway! :) Have a great day, Helen, it's so nice to talk w/ you!