Here you will learn more about my Handmade online businesses specialising in Bath & Body and Jewellery.

You will also hear a little about Hancox Homestead our family business and our adventures of living on a hobby farm and setting up a Golf Driving Range.

Thanks for taking the time to sit, read and share with me and my family.

Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hancox Homestead Driving Range update

Hello there dear friends, fans and followers,

As most of you are aware my family has been working on a new project, one slightly different from crafting.  It's a crafting of sort!  I am proud today to share with you an update on our Driving Range that is due to open next Season. 

With the help of some great people/companies we got the grass seed down!  The weather here in Iona Station, Ontario has started to turn cold and time was limited. 

Our first shout out is to Fleetwood Farms, who not only allowed the seeder access to our land (we are busy working on the road through but there is trees to be moved and the ground has to be dug) they also did some sub contracting for us and made sure the ground was cultivated and in tip top condition before the seed arrived.  This is a family operated farm located near to us and if your require any further details for them please contact me!

Next up is Mr Dan Denniss and his colleagues at Fingal Farm Supply.  Dan is a very knowledgeable, helpful gentleman who took care of all our seeding needs.  This great company has been tending to Farmers/Land owners needs for over 40 years!  Be sure to check out the website below and if you chose to contact them, tell them Hancox Homestead sent you! 


Now to the fun part, the pictures of the amazing seeder in action;

Sadly I didn't get to have a go, but I have added one to my Christmas list!  
I hope you enjoyed this update and there will be many more to come, featuring more big machines!

Warmest wishes to all, Helen & Family.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My first online Birthday is coming up

I can't believe where the time has gone, we are into November already and the end of this month sees my first online Birthday!  When I first started out with online selling, I didn't really have a clue what I was doing, and having high hormones as I was heavily pregnant didn't help.  I am happy to say that both my babies are growing into complete darlings!

It's hard not to get demotivated and feel rather lack luster about online selling.  If I had known then what I know now springs to mind alot and I really wish I had of had friends that were doing similar ventures so that I could of emailed or rang them for help, instead of sitting shouting at the PC and tearing my hair out!

Happily I have met so many kind, talented artists and realised at one time or another we all want and feel the same.  Whilst there are many that spring to mind; I would like to name a few that I class as friends who always have a cheery word and pom poms at the ready when I need a little cheering on;

Heather at The Pine Cone Tea Cup, who has made my family shed tears with her custom designed quilt!


Elfie at Painting from the Heart, always with words of encouragement and virtual hugs!


Eileen at Painting by Eileen who always has a positive outlook and shares her awesome wildlife pics!

Donna at Threads of Magique who I enjoy having little chats with, a very interesting lady who recently started a new venture herself.

Melinda at Just Scraps and Things has done me some wonderful custom cards and bag toppers and is just a lovely person; 

And last but not least is Amber aka Mommy the Marketer and also Tate Skye Designs who's blogs, advice  have just been a super help to me to make things alot clearer!


Also in a year I am happy to say I have improved my photography and kissed goodbye to my homespun beloved checked background.
Run, run as fast as you can......

It took me days to set up this blog page and in minutes I type this, but I am disappointed that my blog gets left out~alot!  Facebook you can catch me on daily, it is all about priority and balance; something I have not yet perfected although it has come along way in a year!

I am busy gearing up for Christmas adding listings to My two Etsy shops, Zibbet and Artfire studios and still working on setting up our Driving Range which we plan to open to the public the end of next May.  I should really blog more often to keep connected to you all and whilst I may not send a like or a note on a daily basis, you are all appreciated and got me to my First online Birthday~Thank you one and all!